About me

Isabel Keats is just an ordinary woman who one day felt like writing. A mother of a large family (dog included), she is lucky to have something more valuable than gold: free time, even if not as much as she’d like. She loves romance and loves happy endings, so in short, she writes romance because at this point in her life it’s what she most wants to read.

Isabel Keats–winner of the HQÑ Digital Prize with Empezar de nuevo (Starting Again), shortlisted for the first Harlequín Short Story Prize with her novel El protector (The Protector) and for the third Vergara-RNR Romantic Novel Contest with Abraza mi oscuridad (Embrace My Darkness)–is the pseudonym concealing a graduate in advertising from Madrid, a wife, and a mother of three girls. To date, she has published more than two dozen works, including novels and short stories, which have been translated into several languages.

Awards and honours

El sol sale por el Oeste
Premios Rincón Romántico Mejor Romance Actual Nacional
Te quiero, baby
Premio Dama Mejor Novela Romántica Contemporánea
Empezar de nuevo
Ganadora Premio digital HQÑ de Harlequin
Abraza mi oscuridad
Premios Rosa RomanTica’s
Mejor romance paranormal Nacional
Premios Amor Fú
Mejor Novela Romántica de suspense
Vacaciones al amor
Premios RNR
3º Finalista Mejor Comedia Romántica
Abraza mi oscuridad
Finalista III Certamen de Novela Romántica Vergara-RNR
El Protector
Finalista Primer Premio de Relato Corto Harlequin